How Long Have You Been in Business?

We have been in Business for Over 20 Years in the Mannequin, Hobby, and Now the Fine Imported Silicone & TPE Sex Doll, Companion Doll, Art Doll, Reborn Doll, Love Doll Business.

Are you Some Rich Corporation or Group?

No. We are a FAMILY-Owned Business, with Over 20 Years of Experience in the Industry.

Do you Sell Cheap, KNOCK-OFF Dolls?

No. We Don't Sell CHEAP KNOCKOFFS. If you want that CRAP, Go Somewhere ELSE!

We sell ONLY the HIGHEST QUALITY Brands of Silicone & TPE Love Dolls in the MULTIVERSE! 

Do You have ANY Dolls in Stock in Arizona, USA?

Yes, We Do. We ALWAYS MAINTAIN a GOOD STOCK of Dolls. We have an Excellent Stock available to Ship in 24 Hours from the USA of Irontech Doll TPE Dolls, SE-DOLL Fine Quality TPE Love Dolls, as Well as some of the More Popular Piper-Doll TPE Love Dolls.  But, with the Nature of Any Store, Please Contact Us for the CURRENT IN-STOCK LIST.

Item Availability Changes on a Daily Basis. 

Silicone Dolls, like Zelex, AXB, Irontech, CatDoll ALL SELL QUICKLY, and therefore if there is a particular Doll You Want, it's BEST to NOT WAIT, and place Your Order when you are ready. That way, You can get a Fresh Doll, not one sitting around in A BOX. PLUS, You will be Able to CUSTOMIZE Your Doll the Way you want. Everyone has different tastes... Bigger nipples, smaller nipples... More Pink the Vagina, or more Scarlet the Nipple and Butthole. Another person will want them Chocolate tones of Elderberry Flower, with Hibiscus tones. One with a Removable Vagina, One without... One that Can do Oral Sex, the Other Can't. Clearly, the Advantage of a Custom Doll, MADE TO ORDER, Becomes Clear. 

How Can I Trust You? How Do I know You Won't STEAL MY $$$ MONEY if I Order from You?

We have a 100% SOLID REPUTATION - NO COMPLAINTS! Trust that has been WELL EARNED Through the TEST OF TIME 

We Are OFFICIAL Dealers for ZELEX DOLL, IRONTECH DOLL, SE-DOLL, WM-DOLL, STARPERRY DOLL, ELSABABE, Piper Doll, Irokebijin,  Doll Forever, AEIBEI- DOLL, AS-DOLL, SM-Doll,  AXB-Doll, Momo Doll and MORE!  


Also, for YOUR Added Security, Safety and Convenience, We Gladly Accept Payment By Credit Card, and Debit Card, Via PayPal Express - You Don't Need a PayPal Account.

Just Click BUY, Follow the Instructions, Enter Your Secure information, and Place Your Order, and You're ALL SET!

If anything Goes wrong, You know You can ALWAYS TRUST PayPal. They have Your Back! 

Do you Accept Any Other Form of Payment?

Yes. We Accept Venmo, through Paypal. And we Also Accept Payment via ZELLE. Zelle is a Safe, Convenient Payment App, Available in most Online Banking, and Mobile Banking Apps. We also accept Cash, in person, for In Store payments. We Do NOT accept Checks, or COD. Sorry

What is Your Preferred Method of Payment?

We Prefer Zelle, because we get Charged LESS FEES. So therefore, We are Able to Pass on an Additional Savings to You.

ALL ORDERS Paid with ZELLE, will Receive a Discount. Please contact us for Questions, More Information, or to Find Out How to Place an Order, and for Any Questions You May Have for the Ordering Process.

Otherwise, Please make Your Payment with Credit or Debit Card via Our PayPal Express Checkout!

Do you Accept Layaway?

Yes, We Do! We Accept Layaway payments for Large Purchases. Contact Us for More Information.

Can I have My Doll Shipped to Your Store, and THEN Shipped to Me?

Yes, Contact us, we offer this Service. It is Called the Doll Inspection Service.

I Don't want to DEAL With CUSTOMS, or ANYONE Knowing My Information. Can I Order a Doll From You, and Can You Make it DISCREETE?

YES! We can do that for You. It is Part of the Doll Inspection service. We have the Doll sent from our store, NOT CHINA, and it is RE-PACKAGED DISCRETELY, and Sent to the Address o YOUR Choosing. 


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