Doll Inspection Service

We offer Safe, and Secure FREE Shipping. And we Also Offer the Doll Inspection Service, where You Can Have Your Doll Sent to Fun Fantasy Dolls, We check the Doll for Quality Assurance, handle any Taxes that may have occurred, and we Re-Ship the Doll to Your personal Address, for Privacy, convenience, and for the Assurance of Getting the package from a USA Address, instead of Dealing with Customs, and Dealing with a Package from China, and fees, etc.

What Exactly is Included in the Doll Inspection Service?

We check the Doll, the Head, check for damage to face and body, or damage from the journey.

We contact the Vendor to replace any faulty items that may have been damaged in Shipping.

We Correct Minor Flaws, and Touch Up Make-Up as Required by the Buyer

We Deal with CUSTOMS, and Pay any Fees that come up, So You Don't! 

We REPACKAGE the Doll, so that it is 100% PRIVATE & DISCREET & Ship it to the Location of Your Choice.

Is the Doll Inspection Service Available for ANY Doll that I choose ?

Yes! We are Happy to Offer the Doll Inspection Service for ALL DOLL Orders! :)

How much is the Doll Inspection Service for the Doll I want? I don't See it.

The Price Varies Depending On the Size, and Weight of the Doll. Every Doll, and Every Order is Unique, like the Owner. So, every Doll Inspection will have A Different Price Depending on the Size and Weight of the Doll, Due to the Shipping Charges Incurred.  We have to Reship the Doll to You, so We Only Charge the Appropriate Shipping and Handling, so that we can Offer this Service to Everyone at a Discount.

Contact us for a Quote if You don't see the Price listed. 

Any Questions, Please Don't Hesitate to Contact us at :

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